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Divorce and separation are difficult experiences for any family, even when the decision to part ways is civil.  Whether you and your spouse have decided to part ways after one year or fifty years together, the need for legal representation never subsides.  Mr. Fabick has represented numerous clients in divorce maters, ensuring that they receive their just share of marital property. He is also experienced in several divorce-related issues and represents clients in matters including division of property, protection from abuse (PFA) and spousal support.  

Matters pertaining to children involved with a separation or divorce, such as custody, visitation and child support, are often comprised of complicated and emotional processes, even when each partner is fully cooperative.  For this reason, you need Mr. Fabick in your corner.  For nearly 15 years, he has represented families with regard to custody and visitation.  From the initial consultation to the final decision of the Court, he will advocate for your custodial rights.